title  bad headspace
date and time  
been crying about all my one-sided feelings,
they're pointless, unwanted by everyone, barely tolerated by the ones on the other side of it, but they still won't disappear.

and now, i've been actively trying to lose myself in the fantasy reality i made up in my mind, that's populated with, and where i'm surrounded by people that don't exist.
going by a different name, no one knowing who i am or where i'm from,
all to escape from the ones that do.

i try to lose my feelings of the real world, and find solace in the one i wander through,
the one where i am almost all day, all night,
which is easy to do, to be there for so long, when there's no one actually waiting for you, or anticipating you, in the real one, before your "daily call" at 23:00..