title  school started again
date and time  
a lot has happened since my last entry, i was able to meet up with most of my loved ones during the lesson-free week and was able to talk about what's been going on

one of them was also about to depart on an international internship, i'm grateful that i got the chance to talk to them before they departed for 4 months

i also got invited to accompany a loved one and watch their first concert(s)!
they looked beautiful while playing, the pieces they played, and how they played, the whole evening was so soothing〜

i'm still writing and rewriting a letter to someone else and have been asking feedback from others on it, so that's also something i'm still working on

school has also started again, so that's something that's also (understandably) taking up my time

right now, i just hope that the next coming period won't take a turn for the worst, as i don't know how long i can take these vague/strange conversations anymore

call me a control freak all you want, but i just think it would be nice to have small, but coherent, daily conversations with the people you love, so you both know what's going on in each other's life, so no one needs to be scared of possibly sending a message at the wrong time