title  not-so-epic pain comeback
date and time  
tried to test out my endurance before i'd return to the gym, and to my misfortune, i seem to still be unfit to go..

my test was to rearrange my room (which was executed perfectly) and to practice hype boy's chorus choreo, but pain already struck me when i lifted a few boxes after 3 or 4 times and subsequently incapacitated me when i made a single attempt at dancing..

i honestly thought my pain was mostly gone, but i realised i only thought this was the case as i've been mostly laying down in bed or got brought by car to sit somewhere specificly that's less than 150-ish meters from the drop-off spot..
this pain has already been going on for almost 2 months now..
i'm only obligated to go outside for 1 day next week (final exam of this period) & it's a week of vacation after that, so hopefully i'll be able to calmly recover from this pain at home and won't need to force myself to go somewhere or do something outside. 💤